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Body Massage With Shower Service
A complete body massage will let our therapist focus on major body parts like shoulders, legs, toes, palms, arms, and neck. The variety of massage techniques is applied along the meridians to release the energy blockages for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. There are almost 65 different massage and bodywork modalities practiced worldwide. At our luxury spa, you have the option to choose from our list of full body massage services like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Chinese Tuina, Hot Stone Treatment and Back Walking Treatment at our tranquil environment. Our massage therapist can personalize your treatment based on specific massage requests to address your pain points. We also offer shower service at the end of the massage session.
Amazing Relaxation Massage In Baton Rouge, LA
We provide amazing relaxation massage services at affordable prices. This session of therapeutic treatment includes an aromatherapy massage that employs essential oils from various medicinal herbs and plants. The aroma used in the treatment can improve your brain function and relieve stress and treat other discomforts. Since natural oils are used, it can promote your skin health, leading to a healthier and glowing skin. Our therapists apply specific pressure to remove any energy blockages which is responsible for diseases and other skin problems.
Visit Y & L Asian Massage – our therapist can help you get relief from physical stress and chronic pain. Call 225-421-4818 to enjoy an unforgettable Asian massage experience in our serene ambiance.
Shiatsu Massage With Shower Service
By applying pressure, our Shiatsu experts distinguish blockages and get the vitality streaming easily onto all parts of your body. If the energy or qi is blocked, our specialists will release energy blockages through various massaging techniques. When massaging if the body part is hard and painful to the touch, then it implies that there is lack of qi that the therapist needs to provide using an effective treatment. The finger pressure massage employs several rhythmic pressures at specific meridian point to promote natural healing. A shiatsu session lasts for at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes. We charge $50 for an hour Shiatsu session. Every energy pathway is associated with an organ as well as your mental state. If there is a discomfort in your liver meridian, it doesn't mean you have a liver problem. It just implies that your liver vitality is unbalanced. The main concept here is about balancing energy through various massage treatments. It is all about saving your ki, which gets weaker as you age. We also offer water shower treatment for gaining ultimate benefits from our massage treatments. Contact our professionals for a Shiatsu body massage in Baton Rouge, LA.
Back Walking Treatment In Baton Rouge, LA
This massage is genuinely the most profound back rub in our massage services. It is one of the relaxed types of shoeless massages that you’ll love. Don’t worry; our therapists will not directly place their legs on your back. The bars on the roof are utilized for balance while applying pressure onto your back. Our skilled practitioners can accomplish more extraordinary moves by rubbing with their clean feet. Book a back walking treatment to enjoy our world-class treatment facilities at affordable prices. We are available anytime between 9.30 am to 10 pm. Call 225-421-4818! Contact us for a back walking treatment in Baton Rouge, LA. Our therapists are waiting to help you get over physical problems and mental worries.
Visit Y & L Asian Massage – our therapist can help you get relief from physical stress and chronic pain. Call 225-421-4818 to enjoy an unforgettable Asian massage experience in our serene and peaceful ambiance. Book an appointment now – we can personalize your massage session.

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